East Coast Sales can help you to sell your items in a number of ways:

East Coast Sales can advertise on this website, the items that you have for sale. You can include photos. There is only a small fee for this listing.

If you wish you can still continue to advertise in other ways at the same time. For example you may still wish to advertise through a newspaper or by any other means, while your East Coast Sales ad is running. You are free to mention your listing on the East Coast Sales website in your print ads, so that prospective purchases can view the the detailed information and photos that is included on your East Coast Sales listing. By doing this you will be able to reduce the length and cost of your ads in the print media significantly, by simply saying:

" listed on"


"...see photos on"

East Coast Sales can advertise your item, and your full listing on East Coast Sales, on a number of other websites on your behalf. There is only a small fee for this listing.

The particular websites will vary depending on the type of item being sold.

East Coast Sales can list your items, on your behalf, on eBay and/or a number of other auction and sales websites.  All these sites have varying levels of fees and charges for listing on them.

As experienced eBay PowerSellers, we have an excellent history of successful sales covering a number of years, and this will assist in gaining the maximum return for your items. We can also manage the placement of ads on other product specific websites and print media for you.

East Coast Sales sells items on behalf of individuals and for businesses.

Advertising on East Coast Sales is not restricted to private individuals, but is open to small and large businesses as well.  This is an excellent method for small businesses to increase their stock turnover, by having East Coast Sales manage their internet sales on their behalf.  This saves business owners finding the time and focus that is required to operate a web based store, and allows them to continue to focus on their usual business activities.

East Coast Sales can help you to sell almost anything.

East Coast Sales advertises your local businesses and business services.


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